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User agreement

    I.General Provisions
    1.1 mlbio.cn is owned and operated by Shanghai MLBIO Biotechnology Co.Ltd .
    1.2 Users should carefully read this agreement and agree to abide by this Agreement shall before becoming a registered user. Once the registration is made, agreement relationship between the user and mlbio.cn will be automatically formed and the user should be bound by this Agreement. After agreeing to relevant agreement, users are able to be in the use of special services or products.
    1.3 Agreement may be updated by the mlbio.cn at any time, users should keep attention and agree that this site does not assume the obligation to notify. Site notice, notice, statement or other similar content are part of this Agreement.
    II. Service content
    2.1 mlbio.cn specific content is provided by the site based on the actual situation.
    2.2 Site only provide network services, except network services and related equipment (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other access to the Internet or mobile network related equipment) and necessary expenses (such as a ground to the Internet and pay for telephone charges and Internet access fees, phone charges for the use of the mobile network and payment) shall be borne by the user.
    III.The user account
    3.1 Users who completed the registration process and went through the authentication become formal users, and they can enjoy all the provisions of this site like the privileged users; part of the privileges are enjoyed by some unauthorized  members of the site. mlbio.cn is entitled to change the member's privileges.
    3.2 users should follow registration requirements, using their real names and identity card numbers to make the registration. Users are obliged to ensure the security of the password and account. Any loss or damage carried out due to all activities like the user uses the password and account will be fully assumed by the users instead of the site. If you find your account is used unauthorizedly or any other security issues, you should immediately change your account password and keep it safe. if necessary, please inform the site. Hacking or user’s negligence of custody will result in illegal use of the account, which will not born by the site.
    ¢ô.Using rules
    4.1 Users should comply with relevant People's Republic of China laws and regulations, including( but not limited to) "Regulations on Protection of Computer Information System Security People's Republic of China", "Computer Software Protection Regulations", "the Supreme Court on cases involving computer network copyright disputes interpretation of the law applicable Issues (Judicial interpretation [2004] 1) "," the NPC Standing Committee's decision on safeguarding Internet security "," Internet electronic bulletin service management requirements "," provisions on the administration of Internet News information services "," administrative protection of copyright on the Internet "and the relevant provisions of computers on the Internet and intellectual property laws and regulations "information network Transmission right protection Ordinance" and other implementation measures .
    4.2 Users take full responsibility of its self-publishing, uploading or transmitting the contents .All the users may not publish, reproduce, transmit, information as follows, or the site has the right to dispose or does not notify the user:
    (1) violating of the basic principles of the Constitution determined;
    (2) endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity;
    (3) harming national honor and interests;
    (4) incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;
    (5) violating the state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition;
    (6) spreading rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability;
    (7) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or instigate crimes;
    (8) insulting or slandering others, infringe upon the legitimate rights of others;
    (9) incitement to illegal assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration, a mob to disturb social order;
    (10) illegal activities in the name of civil society organizations;
    (11) other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations
    4.3 Users should promise that all the information posted or uploaded to the site  (that belong to the "People's Republic of China Copyright Law" provisions of the works, including but not limited to text, pictures, music, movies, shows and audio and video products and computer programs, etc.) enjoy full intellectual property rights, or rights have been legally authorized ;  the user should take full compensation for all costs of this site, when it’s claimed by the third person's claim(including but not limited to, various damages such as user violation of this provision , litigation fees and other reasonable expenses for this expenditure);
    4.4 When a third party user post or upload information to the site due to the violation of their rights, or other relevant laws and regulations send a notice to the site according to based on "Information Network Transmission Right Protection Ordinance" or the relevant legal provisions , users are supposed to agree that the site can decide to delete their allegedly infringing information based on its own judgment , unless the user submit written evidence to rule out the possibility of infringement. Otherwise, the site will not automatically resume the information deleted; (1)Using the network service for any unlawful purpose is banned;
    (2) complying with all network services and related network protocols, regulations and procedure to affect the normal operation of the Internet ;
    (4) shall not make any use of this site do any activities, which are not conducive to the site
    4.5 If users are in violation of any of the provisions above when using the network services , this site requires the user to correct or direct the right to take all necessary measures (including, but not limited to, delete user-posted content, suspend or terminate the rights of users to use network services) to mitigate users misconduct and impact.
    V. Privacy
    5.1 The site will not open to the public or a third party to provide a single user's registration information and non-disclosure information stored in the site, except in the following circumstances: (1) the user's prior explicit authorization;
    (2) in accordance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements;
    (3) in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government departments;
    (4) to safeguard the public interest.
    5.2 The site may provide users with third parties related network services. In this case, if the third party agree to bear the same responsibility as the site to protect users’ privacy, the site then has the right to provide them with the site user's registration information, etc.
    5.3 The site is entitled to analyze the entire user database and user database for commercial use, as long as the site promised not to disclose the individual users’ information.
    ?VII. Copyright notice
    6.1 site text, images, audio, video and other copyrighted by Yongxing Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. and co-author of this site. Any reprinting without permission of the site is forbidden.
    6.2 Site-specific logo, layout, presentation of such copyright belongs to Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. Yongxing,  any copy or reproducing arbitrarily without permission of the site is forbidden
    6.3 Any use of the contents of this site shall be marked "from mlbio.cn" and the author's name and is required by law to pay royalties. It shall notify the site and the author to pay royalties and independently assume all legal liability.
    6.4 The site has the priority for other purposes, including, but not limited to websites, electronic magazines, print publishing, etc. The site will notify the author and pay royalties, according to the industry standard before using the information.
    6.5 All Contents are only on behalf of their positions and views, having nothing to do with the site. Authors will bear all the legal responsibility of them.
    6.6 This site will retain their right to take legal action if anyone reship malicious content, .
    VII Disclaimer
    7.1 User expressly agrees that all the risks and consequences when using this site network services will be entirely borne by the user himself and mlbio.cn does not undertake any responsibility.
    7.2 Site can not guarantee that network services must meet the requirements of users and the timeliness, security, accuracy network services.
    7.3 Site does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness for the convenience of users for external links. At the same time, those for the content of any external web site links to the help of actual control on the site does not assume any responsibility.
    7.4 Due to force majeure or causes beyond the control of the network service interruption or other defects, this site does not assume any responsibility. But it will try to reduce losses and the impact caused to the user.
    7.5 Any loss of quality defects caused when the site provides following product or service stations to provide users has nothing to do with the site: (1) the site provide users with free services;
    any product or service
    7.6 We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently at any time to modify or discontinue providing the Service (or any part thereof), regardless of notice or not. The site will not take responsibility for the user and any third person.
    VIII. Supplementary Provisions
    This Agreement, implementation and interpretation and dispute settlement should apply the law People's Republic of China.
    8.2 For whatever reason, If any provision of this Agreement completely or partially invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.
    8.3 Agreement and the revised interpretation rests with Shanghai MLBIO Biotechnology Co.Ltd.
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