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    This website endeavors to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided, but is not responsible for any consequences caused by the use of information on this website.
    1)all the information and charts published on this website are just for reference.Those who refer to the documents published on this Website shall be deemed to have agreed with the above position. That visitors’ comments and views of their published articles, according to the information, data, and pictures of this website, has nothing to do with this website.
    2)We have endeavoured to ensure that all information on this website accurate, complete and up to date. We cannot make the corresponding proposal on the pertinence and accuracy of that information and the suitability for specific purposes. So wherever the reliance on the information on this site shall not be liable for any loss and does not bear any legal responsibility.
    3)For the consequences caused by using the information and services on this website, this website does not make any commitment, nor assume any responsibility.
    4)Any direct, indirect or incidental loss or damage due to arising out of use of this Web site for, we do not assume any responsibility, regardless of whether the loss or damage are due to negligence, breach of contract, defamation, infringement, and even computer viruses. Meanwhile, weather claim the loss or damage to the public, as long as we do not deliberate concealment, otherwise, this website does not make any commitment.
    5)This website does not guarantee that all information, text, graphics, links and other items for accuracy and completeness, we only provide for visitors to use.Policy and regulation in the text of which shall not be used as official texts.
    6)When the Government judicial organs require the disclosure of personal information on this website in accordance with legal procedures, We will provide personal information according to the request of the law enforcement agency or for the purposes of public security.In the circumstances of any disclosure, this website will have immunity.
    7)If the user's tell personal password to anyone or share with other registered accounts, which led to the disclosure of any personal information, we does not take any responsibility.
    8)Personal information is leaked, lost, stolen or tampered because of any hacker attacks, computer virus invasion or outbreak and the temporary closure by government regulation,we will have immunity.
    9)Leakage of personal data and any legal disputes and the resulting consequences because this site links to other Web sites, we will have immunity.
    10)This Web site will announce beforehand when the service is suspended due to system maintenance or upgrading. If the line and outside the control of this site or other force majeure result in suspension of service, all inconvenience and loss in the suspension period of service, this website does not take any responsibility.
    11)Users of this Web site for violating the provisions of this statement commit People's Republic of China law, all the consequences themselves, this website does not assume any responsibility.
    12)Any way landing in this website and directly or indirectly using information of this website, as a voluntary bound by this statement.
    13)The issue not addressed in this statement refers to relevant laws and regulations, when this statement conflicts with national laws and regulations, and is subject to national laws and regulations.
    14)If the unit or individual doubt that the suspected infringement of a certain part of the Web site, please notify us in writing immediately, we will be changed or deleted the first time, the above interpretation of the statement this site reserves the right, legally relevant explanations, to Chinese laws as a benchmark, if you have Controversy, please contact with our local judiciary.
    15)Statements of this website as well as their right to amend, update and final interpretation rights to mlbio.CN Web site.
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