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    We have accumulated a wealth of experience and have a specialized  research and development team through continuous experiment optimization and improvement. Independent research and development ELISA kits which use professional technology can quantitative detection of antigens qualitative detection of specific antibodies in Serum and other samples. High quality reagents, advanced instruments and correct operation are the necessary conditions to ensure the ELISA test results to be accurate and reliable. We have a great advantage in ELISA detection of convenience, stability, repeatability and reliability.
    · ELISA testing service including:
    · 1,Double antibody sandwich Elisa method for detecting antigens
    · 2,Indirect detection of antibody
    · 3,To provide customers with various ELISA techniques to detect sample
    Above tests, where to buy the kit of the company, our tests for free!
    Any Elisa kit you need, You will simply need to inform the type of detect animal (Human, Rat, Mouse, Rabbit, Monkey, Pig ... ... ) , index (IL class, hormones) and the number of specimens (48T/96T) to the company salesmen.  Upon receipt of customer date of specimen, Spot the inspection report will be submitted to the customer within a week!
    Welcome the research institutes in a variety of projects carry out close cooperation at different levels with our company£¬To a win-win situation for development, make progress together and make experience for the development of China's detection.
    II,Sample requirements
    You must have a complete plan before collecting specimens and must be clear to detect whether a component is stable enough. We encourage fresh specimens to detect early, To the test specimen that collects on the same day, it should be stored at 4 ¡æ. If you have a specific reason to collect specimens in different time, the specimen should be filled immediately and stored at-20¡æ or-70 ¡æ preservation. There is a certain temperature different between Ice room and the room temperature, proteins are easily degradable and it will directly impact quality, so we should avoid repeated freeze-thaw. If you want to tests for RIA samples, you should ask our sales staff for the instructions and communicate with our technical staff for the Matters needing attention.
    Liquid specimen: specimen must be liquid, without precipitation. Serum, plasma, urine, Hydrothorax and ascites, Cerebrospinal fluid, Cell culture supernatant, Tissue homogenate and so on.
    Serum: blood solidify at room temperature after 10-20 minutes, centrifugalize about 20 minutes (2000-3000 rpm).Collect the supernatant.If precipitation forms, you should centrifuge again.
    Plasma: the selection of EDTA according to the kit requires, sodium citrate or heparin as an anticoagulant, add 10% (v/v) of anticoagulants (0.1M sodium citrate or 1%heparin or 2.0%EDTA.Na2) after 10-20 minutes, centrifugalize about 20 minutes (2000-3000 rpm).Collect the supernatant.If precipitation forms, you should centrifuge again.
    Urine, Hydrothorax and ascites, Cerebrospinal fluid: collected with a sterile tube. centrifugalize about 20 minutes (2000-3000 rpm).Collect the supernatant.If precipitation forms, you should centrifuge again.
    Cell culture supernatants: upon detection of secretory component, collected with a sterile tube.Centrifugalize about 20 minutes (2000-3000 rpm).Carefully collecting supernatant.Upon detection of intracellular components, dilute cell suspension with PBS (PH7.0-7.4), Cell density reaches about 1 million/ml.By repeating freeze-thaw cycles, cell is damaged and produce components within the cell. Centrifugalize About 20 minutes (2000-3000 rpm).Collect the supernatant.If precipitation forms, you should centrifuge again.
    Tissue homogenate: after cutting specimens, weighing weight. Adding a certain amount of PBS, 1 μ g/l of protease inhibitors can be added in the buffer or 50U/ml Aprotinin (Trasylol).By hand or homogeniser homogenate sample. Centrifugalize About 20 minutes (2000-3000 rpm).Carefully collecting supernatant at-20 degrees or 70 degrees to save, if necessary, you can Concentrate sample drying.One was filled into a report to be testing, remaining frozen and set aside.
    III,the following situation must be indicated :
    1, specimen number;2, the test items;3, whether to do complex holes;3, contact;4, test specimens are sent back or not.
    Notice to customers:
    Customers are responsible for material and information provided, as a result of customer-supplied materials and experiment of inaccurate information resulting from delays or loss borne by the customer.
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