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Shanghai Enzyme-linked Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a trusted, service-oriented company. Product quality is of most importance. Factors such as product availability, packaging and delivery are just as crucial to meeting and exceeding your expectations. Our established quality process ensures a high level of service and a promise of continually striving for perfection. With most catalog items in stock for same-day shipment, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff, we provide customers with an unsurpassed level of service.

No.Product nameSizePrice
ml-55915 Human Apoptosis Signal Regulating Kinase 1 ELISA96T Price
ml-55916 Human Ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein 1 ELISA96T Price
ml-55913 Human Anti-Actin Antibody ELISA96T Price
ml-55914 Human Actinin Alpha 3 ELISA96T Price
ml-55908 Human Tubulin Alpha 3c ELISA96T Price
ml-55909 Human T-Box Protein 3 ELISA96T Price
ml-55910 Human Sterile Alpha Motif Domain-Containing 9-Like Protein E96T Price
ml-55911 Human Fibroblast surface protein ELISA96T Price
ml-55912 Human Anti-centriole and centrosome antibody ELISA96T Price
ml-55907 Rat Collagen Type 5 ELISA96T Price
ml-55906 Rat Glucose regulated protein 78 ELISA96T Price
ml-55903 Rat Soluble Factor-related Apoptosis ELISA96T Price
ml-55904 Rat Macro creatine kinase ELISA96T Price
ml-55905 Rat Glucose regulated protein 94 ELISA96T Price
ml-55902 Mouse Gap Junction Protein Beta 1 ELISA96T Price
ml-55900 Rabbit Cyclin E ELISA96T Price
ml-55901 Mouse Ovalbumin specific Immunoglobulin G1 ELISA96T Price
ml-55898 Rabbit Engulfment And Cell Motility 2 ELISA96T Price
ml-55899 Rabbit Connexin 37 ELISA96T Price
ml-55897 Rabbit Fibrillarin ELISA96T Price
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